Why & About

I’ve created this page because we are entering an age of dataism and everything is about information. So what better opportunity to get your name URL and create your own online bio…

So here we go, here’s me, except online. Stuff about me that you can’t find easily on any social medias … Although my social medias are here


13th of April 93, I entered this world!
Growing up on Central Coast (Australia), a very coastie town. Then moved to Newtown, Sydney to study Computer Science at Sydney University. After getting a degree I went in my industry of software development.
After a while, I said “stuff that”, not that I didn’t like the work. It was more the category I was falling into. So I told my parents I did things their way. Now it’s my turn. Not that I’ve accomplished much since then but I am having one hell of a time doing it!

Personal Projects

Here’s a few other projects I am working on…

Hammbag Logo

A hammock, bag & towel. We invented on a road trip. Since then been taking it to festivals, expo’s, shows & markets. Also appeared on Shark Tank AU

Boards on Tour Logo

An online blog of previous adventures and new upcomming ones! previously did a 1000km Skateboard trip I did for Camp Quality & Starlight

Amateur Pioneers Logic

An online blog where I like to post some interesting thoughts I have of the world. More of a discussion to help people open their mind to other or unique ideas

Drinking Games Guide

An app in the making of all the games and party tips I’ve collected. And there’s a lot, so I thought might as well put it to good use


Let’s get … personal


Some hobbies I’ve been known to dabble in. Like a lot of people time seems to get away from them so I want to create a conscious effort to keep up the effort 


Coming from a very artsy family I have grown up drawing and painting. Then getting into computers I combined them doing a lot of concept art and graphic designs. I love even just helping friends with logo designs


I used to go to preform a lot of magic going through school,. I even was a sponsored magician at Sydney’s Easter Show. I used to do street magic and even preformed at parties


I used to do a lot  of photography and videography. However what I took away from it was capturing the moments. So I love creating video collages of events & adventures I go on! You can check em out on our channel


Since a young age I was always interested in technology. Coding, websites, games and staying current with new technologies. We’re living an amazing age of technology and if you don’t stay current you’re only slowing yourself



Team; Soccer
Solo; Skateboard, Surfing & Snowboarding (No particular order)


Netherlands, Germany close second


A beach, under stars with a bonfire


Aussie Bush Doofs! So much love & good vibes


Morning, early!






Sunny, sunny, sunny, then maybe some clouds at sunset, then stars at night


“Small minds discuss people, Average minds discuss events, Great minds discuss ideas”


Interstellar! however I am a Marvel fan boy… so maybe Infinity War or 2008 Iron Man




Beer, on my bad days. Smoothie on my good ones


Skateboard… or plane


My Hammbag! seriously couldn’t live without it now!


Alan Watts, Simon Sinek, Gary Vee, Earl Nighingale, Aubrey Marcus, Eckart Tolle

My Book

Everywhere I go a take my VAPDA (Visual Arts Process Diary Advanced). Basically where I record all my thoughts, ideas, plans or anything! … Some times I even draw. At very least I have my little notebook on me where I can quickly scribble in it and transfer it to my VAPDA.

So here’s inside the mind of Dylan.
(This is more for me. As my VAPDA is getting full and I need to make a new one although I still need some of these ideas)



Silver Medallion


Here are some books I’ve read. After you finish your academic years a lot of people make the mistake of stop learning. However I believe that those years just taught you how to learn. The real learning comes after. So here are some books I’ve read (or listened to) and who I’d recommend them for.


Duty Manager / Snr Lifeguard

Belgravia Leisure – VPP/PAP/ABC
2012 – Current

Duties included; Opening & Closing center, Customer Service, Reception, Magor Incidents, Stock Take, Ran Training & Lifeguard Update, Social Event Organiser, IT support, Creche Supervision.

Backend Developer

Melbourne IT – NetRegistry
2016 Janruary to December

Duties included; Coding in CSS, HTML, Javascript, Node.JS, UX design, code optimization, Debugging and paired programming. I also help create the first social group for this company of over 300 employees after only 3 months.

Bar Attender

2017 February to July

Duties included; Serving alcohol & food, Glassy, cleaning, dish pig, helping with functions

Beach Lifeguard / Surf Educator

Surf Life Saving Australia
2010 -2012

Duties included; Beach Safety & Management, Major First Aids, Customer Care, Professional Supevision, Surf & BeachTraining, Surf Awerness, Beach Activities, Public Speaker & Presenter.

Function Manager

Avoca Beach SLSC
2009 -2011

Duties included; Event setup & pack down, Event Organisation, Event cleaning, Bartending & organisation, Kitchen hand, Event Assistant.


2007 – 2012 I did Surflife saving, For the later 2 years was a patrol captain and completed of 130 hours a season. Also attained awards such as Patrol Person of The Year and nominated at branch for Lifesaver of the year.
Since then I’ve volunteered in soup kitchens and helped in other low income food help organisations.

Travel & Where I am now ...

I consider travelling to be a very impactful part on ones life. Seeing and experiencing different cultures gives you a wider understanding of the world and can make you appreciate where you’re from in a different way.

Trying to travel atleast 3 countries a year so far I’ve been to;. Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, United States

I have completed a 1000km Skate across Germany & Netherlands. It was a adventure I did with some charities that helped me out. Can see the adventure here

Shortly after I travelled to South Africa where I am now stuck since March 2020. However it hasn’t been to terrible I started a small business called Fcorona for fun with a friend I met. Also got the chance to meet some awesome people and start developing the Hammbag even further. Now making an African Hammbag Pro!
… It is currently Mid Feb 2021