March 2020 was meant to come to South Africa for a month because my sister was going to have her wedding here though decided to come over earlier to explore for a bit… Now it’s a year and a half later and still here. Interesting as the experience has been can’t complain too much as have experienced through being in a 3rd world country what true hardships can be (See videos below)

This video we helped an awesome South African band; Good Luck. They are always trying to have a positive impact on their community. 

After being blessed with meeting such soul warming people in the townships even decided to have a 4 day Christmas there with an absolute legend Papa jew.

F@#! IT Why not!

After 10 flight cancellations it’s time to take it into our own hands… We’re skating back baby! Plus there’s so much of Africa haven’t even seen yet, so why not!
Cape to Cairo and beyond!

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Transport ✓ BoardHUB hooked us up with a deck for the adventure

Accommodation ✓ Hammbag + Hostels on the way

Sustenance ✓ Snacks & Beers along the way (R150 budget dailey) 

There’s a bunch of brands that are supporting this adventure so far including; Samsung, GoPro, Just Cruizin, Chasing Africa, JBL, CityROCKDK apparel

Sector 9 cruising board
Samsung s21 ultra
go pro max
hammbag pro
JBL clip 4
Just Cruizin apparel
chasing africa logo


Done This Before … Kinda

Previously done a few skate missions including the smaller Garden Route trip that previously did to sell Hammbags.

As well as a 1000km one through Germany!

Garden Route Germany/Holland